4 Tips for Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

With more than two billion active users all across the world, Facebook is now undoubtedly the biggest social media platform. In addition, unlike most other platforms, it doesn’t appeal to just one particular type of user. Whether you’re a teenager from or a middle aged person; living in a third world country or a developed nation; a student or a worker, you can still find Facebook quite useful.

Considering all of the above facts, it’s no wonder that the platform is very appealing to marketers. Facebook is well aware of this too. That’s why the company provides marketers with so many powerful tools to help them reach existing and new customers.

However, even with these tools success isn’t a guaranteed thing. You still have to come up with a great plan that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. To help you out, we’ve compiled the following excellent tips for constructing a sound strategy:

Create Buyer Personas

These are profiles of your ideal customers, with background and demographic information. For instance, you can start with their ages and designations and then move on to things like their interests and hobbies.

Buyer personas help you in a couple of different ways. For instance, if you find that all of your customers have similar interests, you can make use of Facebook’s Audience insights feature to find a wider audience that fits the bill. Also, with these profiles you can truly get into your customers shoes and understand their pain points. This will allow you to come up with better content to post on Facebook.

Track Your Campaigns

If you don’t pay attention to the performance indicators how do you know whether you’re doing well? Facebook business manager offers a wide variety of insights into campaign performance and you would do well to consider them carefully. Keep track of what type of content is performing best and which demographic is more receptive to your advertisements and what hour are best for posting.

If you’re not familiar with Facebook business manager, we recommend outsourcing analytical work to the best social media marketing agency Brisbane has to offer.

Consider Creating a Facebook Group

A closed Facebook group is a great way to reward loyal customers. You can hold competitions that are exclusive to group members and offer them early access on promotions. Furthermore, a Facebook group is a great way to collect useful information about buyer behaviour. Think of it as your very own focus group. You can put out polls and surveys and most of the time your customers will be happy to oblige.

Retarget Customers

Thanks to information collected by the Facebook pixel, you can always retarget customers who didn’t end up purchasing from you. For example, let’s say there are a 100 people who added things to their cart but didn’t checkout. The Facebook pixel remembers who these people are so that you can send them a customized advertisement that will convince them to complete the transaction.

Creating a Facebook strategy isn’t all that easy but with these 4 helpful tips, you’ll have a much easier time with it.

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