5 Things You Have To Keep In Mind When Demolishing Your House

Demolishing your home can be a real muddling experience. On one hand, you’re excited for what’s to come and on the other, you’re sad at what you’re leaving behind. The actual demolition phase, however, is quite easy and over in a jiffy. But there are certain factors you need to take care of beforehand to ensure that there are no complications later on. Here are some of the things you need to consider:


You don’t want to get caught to sneaky neighbors trying to make a quick buck out of you. So make sure you invest in quality dilapidation reports in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to have documented proof of any pre-existing defects in the property. In order to avoid any disputes between your neighbors, make sure you also pay them a visit and give them a heads up about what’s happening because demolition work can actually be quite noisy and dusty. It’s a common courtesy that will probably appease them.

Demolition Experts

You can’t just hire anyone and everyone to do this job for you. To practice safe and ethical methods, you’ll have to hire demolition experts. Especially if you plan on retaining parts of the old house and demolishing certain parts of the structure, experts will do a thorough job in ensuring that the entire building isn’t destroyed.

The Law

Usually the demolition crew you choose will be able to handle the legal aspects of this, including any need for permits and in ensuring that the project follows the guidelines and regulations set by local authorities. Before work commences, the law will likely require a demolition permit that will have to be obtained by your local council. Other documents that will also likely be needed are the title deed and site plan. Remember that a deed usually takes time to be prepared so start your plans in advance.


If there are any huge trees in the garden that look like they will be cumbersome during the demolition process and affect the accessibility of the site, then arrange to have them taken down before the demolition begins. The same applies for any vegetation that would make it hard for workers to do their job. This way the demolition crew will not have to halt activities mid-way through or have procedures drag on for longer than necessary.


Asbestos is a harmful material found in older homes. In 1989, there was a full ban on these products but some of the older homes today may possibly still have them. This is why an inspection should be conducted beforehand to identify any problematic areas and remove them. If any part of your home contains asbestos the project will be shut down on accordance of violations. So it would be both time-saving and cost efficient if you do your inspections early on.

These are the most important things you have to keep in mind and address before demolishing a home as they can interfere with the procedures and cause lengthy time delays if not.

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