6 Steps To Follow If You Cause An Embarrassing Accident At A Supermarket

CRASH! If you’ve just caused a huge and embarrassing accident at a supermarket, here’s what you need to do immediately!

Stop! Don’t Run Away

Don’t be ashamed if your first instinct is to run away in embarrassment and pretend you had nothing to do with the accident. It’s a perfectly normal human reaction which is instinctive. However, running awake can not only make it awkward for you to visit that space in the future, but may also make you appear guilty. Stop, and face the music; whatever the situation may be.

Check Yourself Thoroughly For Injuries

In your embarrassment and your urge to flee, you may not have even noticed if you are injured. See to your health immediately; checking and treating yourself before dealing with anything else. Minor injuries can easily be treated on spot, while bleedings and more severe injuries may force you to seek professional medical health.

NOTE: if you’re injured and have to be hospitalised, remember to save all the bills for later use.

Evaluate Clearly About What Caused The Accident

Take a calming breath. If you’re not seriously injured and can think clearly without pain obstructing your thoughts, take a step back and carefully evaluate if the accident was truly caused by you. you will be able to claim compensation for all your injuries, embarrassment and suffering if it appears that the accident was due to the fault of the supermarket.

Contact The Authorities And Legal Help If Required 

If the situation is getting a little out of hand, or the supermarket owner is suing you for absurd things, it’s best to contact the police at once. Do NOT argue or settle to pay anything before the authorities arrive; even if it appears to be your fault. It’s also best if you call a lawyer in a situation as such. Look for lawyers servicing greater Melbourne areas for the best results. Be very clear about your story to both the police and the lawyer. It goes almost without saying that being truthful is the best way to put this incident behind you as soon as possible.

Take Pictures Of All Injuries And Damage

If you appear to have any injuries, or those around you appear to have been injured by the incident, make sure to document this in pictures. Most smartphones nowadays have quality cameras, so this should not be an issue at all. It’s also best to take plenty of pictures of the damage, so the supermarket owner cannot change his story or add to the damage before the police arrive, or with insurance. This may also aid you in claiming compensation from the supermarket for your injuries.

Get Medical Help Even If Your Injuries Are Not Serious

Even if you appear to have no injuries, or only minor bruises and scrapes, it’s still best to get yourself professionally checked by a doctor. This will not only prevent any hidden injuries from making a permanent impact later on in life, you’ll also be able to add it to your claim if required.

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