A Guide on Improving Your Employee Onboarding Process

Your employee onboarding process goes far beyond simply welcoming your employee to the company with a handshake and pat on the back. No, it’s a significant factor in motivating your employee to work hard and increase productivity. You get a chance to create a remarkable first impression of your company’s vision and outline what your employee can expect. While teaching them more about the dynamics in your workplace, if done right, it can retain your employees and have them fit right in, smoothly and without a hitch.

When to Start

You shouldn’t wait till the contracts are being signed to think about your onboarding process and chances are, if you have, you’ve left it for too late because there’s still plenty of things you can do from the day they accept your offer to the day they begin their work. Each department will probably have different strategies needed when welcoming new employees so your onboarding strategies will have to be customized. There are, however, some general steps you can take before your employee’s first proper day including giving them access to the relevant policies and documents, an overview of the company, showing them a directory of employees with pictures attached, giving them a sitemap of the office, telling them more about the area etc. This will make them feel more involved before day one itself!

Redesigning the Employee Experience

You need to invest in the employee experience to make sure your employees don’t feel like quitting. In fact, organizations that invest in improving employee experience have four times the productivity of those who don’t! To do this, you need to think of how you can make your employee feel more at home. Studies show that the first 90 days are the most important when it comes to this step so you have a duration to work with too. Firstly, have the relevant department take their new employee out for lunch to build their team spirit. Also arrange for more informal meetings with the senior management and have your employees share their own success stories to motivate him/her to do the same.

The Workplace

If your workplace doesn’t live up to your employee’s expectations, chances are she/he will be an unhappy worker and this will reduce productivity. Hire office cleaning services Sydney to make sure you land that perfect first impression when having an employee join your company.


Keep in mind that your employee is heading into a new work environment, meeting plenty of new people and chances are they’re going to be at least a tad bit nervous. So, don’t go overboard with the information, and make sure the onboarding process covers only the essentials in a methodical, efficient manner.


Each employee will more or less have a general welcoming but you need to ensure that certain elements will be personalized to their specific job and departments so that they can learn more about that specific role and function in that department, any rewards, flexible working times etc. This personalization will leave your employees feeling more valued.

Use this guide to improve your employee onboarding process and you will not only welcome your employee well but retain them.

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