Driving Habits That Affect Tyre Performance

Tyres are critical to the performance of your vehicle and they have a big impact on vehicle safety and handling. You need to maintain tyres properly and ensure that you practice good driving habits so that they don’t affect the performance of the tyres.

If you drive at high speed frequently, it will increase the rate of tyre wear. This is a dangerous habit that can lead to accidents. The reason that tyres can wear out faster at excessive speeds is because there is a lot of heat generated as a result. This will lower the lifespan of the tyre. The tyre will also be subjected to increased centrifugal force. This can cause uneven wear of the tyre and you will experience issues with alignment as a result. It is important that you stick to the posted speed limits and ensure a controlled pace in your driving so that tyre life can be extended. If you are looking for new tyres Chirnside Park you can reach out to an experienced mechanic to provide recommendations on the tyre specifications.

In addition to speeding, another habit that can put a lot of stress on the tyres is swift acceleration and harsh braking. When you slam on the brakes suddenly or put your foot on the accelerator to rapidly increase your speed, it can cause uneven tyre wear. You have to avoid aggressive driving as it endangers others on the road and it can also lead to a drop in fuel efficiency of your vehicle. There is a weight limit to the vehicle and if you overload it with passengers or cargo, it will reduce tyre performance and increase the wearing of tyres. The stress on the tyres will increase when there is additional weight and it can cause overheating of the tyres. You can refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle to check the load capacity of your vehicle so you know what the range to stay within to prevent overloading.

If your tyres are overinflated or underinflated, it can affect safety and performance of the tyres. When the tyres are underinflated, the sidewalls will flex and there will be a lot of heat building up leading to increased wearing of tyres. If your tyres are overinflated, you will notice that the vehicle has a harsher ride. The contact patch will be reduced in this situation and it can lead to reduced traction. The owner’s manual will specify the recommended tyre pressure so you can maintain the correct value. If your wheels are not aligned properly, the tyres will wear out unevenly and you will notice issues with vehicle handling. If your vehicle is pulling to one side or you notice that the tread wear pattern on the tyre is uneven, this will be due to misalignment. You can check the alignment of the wheels from time to time. For even tyre wear, it is also recommended to rotate your tyres. Make sure to avoid rough roads if possible and if you have to drive on them, you need to exercise caution as it can accelerate your tyre wear.


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