How to Level Up: Upgrading Your eBike

So how long have you been using your bike? So far, is it worth the investment you made? Do you encounter any problems with it? To be honest, the most common one is the range. Most of the time, the bikers still have certain errands to attend to, but the battery charge of their ebikes limits them. This, then, restricts the range that they can travel to. Well, worry not as there are tips and proposals on how to upgrade your ebikes. Also, not all upgrades are pricey so just stick around and read on to know more about cheap ebike upgrades.

Fully-Charged Battery

Well, there is a linear solution for a linear problem. The problem is that the ebikes do not have a lasting battery charge for you to finish your errand. If you look at it in a straight-forward perspective, the easiest solution is to have the ebike fully charged before you leave your house. This allows you to reach a greater distance compared to using an ebike without it being fully charged. Simply create a routine and make it a point that you fully charge your batteries before leaving home. This way, you can have a worry-free trip since your batteries are full.

Use The Pedal

If you leave your house with fully charged batter and you still think that the battery length does not match your supposed distance range, then it only means that you are rapidly consuming your battery. One way to reduce battery consumption is to use the pedal. Reduce the assist setting of your ebike to lessen the battery consumption. To compensate such reduced setting, you must use the pedal. Also, if you came from a full stop, do not accelerate right away. This consumes greater energy compared to biking leisurely from a full stop. Furthermore, make it a point to pedal harder in terms of steep hills so you don’t exhaust your battery life. Don’t be scared to pedal hard. After all, what’s a bike without using the pedal hard? Some conventional biker owners even use electric bike conversion kits to give them a little boost. But they aren’t bothered with using the pedal hard on top of it. So don’t lose heart that you bought an ebike but you have to pedal hard. It’s the thing that makes ebikes more fun. 

Take It Slow

Are you in a hurry? Why the rush? Take some time off and take it slow. In fact, riding an ebike slowly has tremendous benefits. One, it can reduce wind resistance, thereby lowering battery consumption. Two, it makes your trip safer. Three, you can appreciate your surroundings. Feel the cold wind breezing through your face. Keep in mind that although ebikes are designed to provide you with more transportation options, it should also be enjoyed just like the usual car road trip. There’s no harm to take things slow. After all, it’s a good rest from a stressful life that you’ve been through.

Some often think that upgrades are costly. Well, at some point, yes. However, there are some pointers that you can consider to have a cheaper option. Consider the tips mentioned and you can surely upgrade your bike range without even spending a dollar for it!

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