How to Reduce Swimming Pool Heating Costs

Having a heated swimming pool is very enjoyable. This is especially true during the winter, when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to take a dip.

The downside is that it’s rather expensive to constantly heat up your pool because of the enormous amount of power it requires. It’s already costly to maintain a pool to begin with. Tack on an inflated power bill and your bank account is going to suffer greatly.

Lucky for you, we’ve done our research and found a few effective ways to reduce heating costs drastically:

Purchase a Pool Cover

Evaporation is the reason you have to keep heating your pool. One of the most effective ways to counter evaporation is to use a pool cover when you’re not using the pool. Despite this being a very simple solution, it can actually halve your heating costs!

There a quite few different types of pool covers to choose from, including manual, automatic and semi-automatic. Some even have specific power-conserving features built into them, allowing you to reduce costs even further.

While large plastic covers can help keep out leaves and debris, they’re not really effective against evaporation.

Invest in Solar Heating

Solar power heating systems can bring your heating costs close to zero as you’re massively cutting down on the amount of electricity needed. Furthermore, solar systems aren’t much more expensive than gas or heat pump heaters, making it one of the most cost effective solutions.

With solar pool heating Sunshine Coast pool-owners can definitely save a huge amount of money during the colder months.

Turn down the heater when it’s not in Use

This might sound obvious but a lot of people tend to neglect turning down their heaters after their done using the pool. This leads to a lot of power being wasted and power bills becoming unnecessarily expensive.  Furthermore, your heater may not need to run for a long time in the first place. For instance, gas heaters are quite fast at warming up the water.

It’s best to plan out how long you need to leave the heater on each week. For example, if you only use your pool during the weekends, then it makes little sense to leave the heater on all week. Instead, you could turn it on Friday night and then switch off after your final dip on Sunday. This should help you drastically cut down on your heating costs each week.

Maintain your Pool Efficiently

There are a few things you can do to conserve energy. For example, it takes a lot of energy to backwash the pool filter. Hence we recommend only doing it once in a while. In addition, try not to circulate water through the filter more than once a day. As long as you don’t jump into the pool dirty, this should be enough.

Furthermore you could:

  • Keep water temperatures at a maximum of 84 degrees when you’re using it recreationally
  • Install a pool thermometer to help maintain a consistent temperature
  • Use only solar powered lighting.

As you can see there’s no reason to fret about huge swimming pool heating costs. Simply, stick to the above methods and you’ll be able to reduce expenses drastically.

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