How to Use the Monochromatic Look in Your Home

Colour schemes and themes are a great interior design tool that can be employed in many ways to suit our individual tastes. This concept is becoming increasingly popular as people can make their homes into their very own little comfort space and decorate it with the colours that make them feel at ease. Monochromatic colour scheming your house is also an extremely stylish and modernized approach to interior design. It can leave a long lasting impression on the guests and make them experience things from the host’s point of view. Using a monochromatic colour scheme also makes everything feel less cluttered and less busy. This is because the sensory inputs from having multiple colours are quite large and can make a person feel quite uncomfortable but when everything follows a consistent colour scheme, there are less stimuli to make the person feel uncomfortable. It is easy on the eyes for people and is quite easier to maintain.

Is Everything Meant To Be A Single Colour?

The answer is no. There are instances when you will have to sway from the monochromatic colour scheme of your home but this does not mean that you have to employ another colour, you can simply use colourless items as opposed to coloured items. For example, for your pool fence you could opt for frameless glass fencing as opposed to a coloured fence. This will make your pool area quite modern looking and won’t stray from the colour scheme. You can also employ the colour white when you are stuck for choices.

Have a Contrast When Everything Is the Same Colour

When employing the monochromatic colour scheme, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the same exact colour for everything. You could use shades of the same colour or colours that are similar. This creates a feeling of difference among the sameness. You could also employ other techniques such as wallpapers. This is an excellent tool if used wisely. You could have three out of your four walls painted a single colour and then you could use a contrasting wallpaper for the fourth wall. It could or could not be of the same colour that is completely up to you to choose.

Will Everything Start To Look Boring?

This is one of the main concerns that people have when considering to employ the monochromatic colour scheme. There is a possibility of everything looking too boring if you don’t use this method correctly. To avoid this, you could use other tools to enhance the effect of your styling technique and make it look eye-catching. The use of contrasting ornaments or furniture can sometimes stand out from the rest and become a great tool. You could use a large grasping painting to draw the attention of the people to a difference from the same monochromatic theme. You could use personalized items such as photos or specific ornaments that have a personal meaning to them. This type of personalization is essentially what makes a house a home.

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