Nothing to Wear? Try These Methods to Reinvent Your Wardrobe

There is a very common complaint that most women have when it comes to picking the right outfits to go out in bet it for work or any other purpose. That complaint is usually worded as “I have nothing to wear”. But is that really true? Let’s face it, if you actually think about it, is it that you really do not have anything to wear at all or is it that there is nothing satisfactory that you can put together to create a great looking outfit? The latter is most often the case. So if you feel that you have nothing to wear (despite your wardrobe almost bursting at the seams), here are some methods that can probably help you out.

When Was The Last Time You Cleared Out Your Closet?

Now that we are going to make sure that you definitely always will have something to wear. Let’s think about when you cleaned out your closet the last. If this was before you can remember, it is time for another cleaning session now. Most of the time, it would be good if you can clean up your wardrobe according to each season. This way you will find the right clothing to match the seasons and you will not lose track of some brand new clothing with tags still on that have gotten stowed away at the very corner of the wardrobe. When you are cleaning up put together piles of clothing that you can wear for work, for casual outings, party outfits and the likes. Then make another pile for clothing that needs to be thrown away due to tears and discolouring. Don’t also forget to make a pile for clothing in good condition that you no longer want to wear that can be donated to charity.

What Is Lacking In Your Collection?

Once you start making the clothing piles as indicated above, you will also get an idea of the kind of clothing items that you need but are actually lacking in your wardrobe. For example, you may have felt that you lack professional clothing. If that is the case look for professional ladies tops online and fill in that section that is insufficient in your wardrobe. When you shop online you will actually be able to enjoy some great deals and also have access to more variety. On the other hand because you know what exactly you need and are shopping for, you will not be wasting money on something that you do not really need either.

Rotate Your Outfits

The next method that could be of help is to keep rotating your outfits. So if you wear something today and put it for laundering, once it is ready to be folded back and placed inside the wardrobe, place it at the bottom of the stack so that it will be a few days before its turn comes again. This way you will spacing out your outfits well and you will actually be wearing everything that is in the closet too.

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