Promoting Your Brand Name through Social Media

Whether your business is small-scale or whether it is huge, social media can provide you solutions to promote it by marketing the good name of your brand(s). Here are five marketing strategies that you can use in promoting your brand name or creating awareness of your brand through these digital platforms.

1.      Sharing

“Sharing” is one major way of popularizing anything and everything in social media. Especially on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook sharing can bring you a lot of exposure. Always encourage your fans or those who follow your pages to share, retweet or repin the content you post. This can make content about your brand circulate more on media platforms giving it more exposure and creating awareness about your products among larger audiences

2.      Demonstrate

The digital platforms such as Instagram or Facebook and especially video-sharing networks such as YouTube allows you to share visual/ video content. Instead of telling people of your product, showing them how it works, its benefits and testimonials of other customers who have used these products, can be built more trust and credibility about your product. You can use traditional forms such as brochures or newspapers to let people know of something through the written word. Don’t use the same technique in social networks. Take the maximum benefit of its new features.

3.      Question

Still wondering how to get the customers or the fans respond and react more to your content? Ask the questions! Post questions about how they are benefited by the products, what products they like the most or how is their experience with your services? Questions tend to get more interaction in comments sections than standard posts with normal captions. If you want more engagement on the side of the customers, this is the strategy.

4.      Engagement

It is not only the engagement of the customers that is required to make your social media posts more popular. In order to get your customers or followers to react more to what you publish you need to be interactive with them as well. Respond to their questions and reply to their comments. Not only will this make your pages active but will also increase customer satisfaction and shows your good customer service.

5.      Be Ethical

Just because you are using something other than mainstream media, that does not mean you do not have certain ethics, laws or rules and regulations to follow. Forgetting this is one main reason that certain brands or businesses fail at social media marketing. Letting a leading social media marketing company handle your promotions is a good and safe option if you want a quality campaign. Before using social media be thoroughly familiar with social media laws/rules and regulations of your country.

Creating awareness on your brand is an important part of promoting your business. But, never forget that even social media promotions have ethical practices that you need to follow in order to maintain the goodwill of the brand and build good relationships with the customers.

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