Should You Buy A Used Car Seat?

There is nothing wrong with being practical. In this day and age, if we could save money and limit our expenses, that is ideal since we don’t know when we might have an emergency and we needed to use our emergency fund. The heftier this fund is, the better. But we should know where to draw the line because skimping on things that we should buy brand new and or from a trusted brand might be the cause of an even bigger headache or costlier mistake in the future.

One of those things is a car seat and there are numerous reasons why.

You Should Not Put A Price Tag on Your Baby’s Safety

When it comes to our baby’s safety, we should not be stingy. If we could provide the best for them, we should especially when it concerns their well-being. That being said, a sturdy and secured car seat is a must. We don’t know if and when we would be involved in a car accident so purchasing the Best Baby Car Seats would ensure that our baby is safe whenever we are driving.

It does not necessarily mean that a pricier car seat is better than a more affordable one. There is one thing that you could check to make sure that the car seat has an approval label that ensures it complies with the basic safety requirements. When you buy a second-hand car seat, the label would be void and useless since it only guarantees when the car seat is purchased brand new.

You Could Not Be Sure If the Car Seat Is Still at Its Optimal Best

If you are buying the car seat from a stranger, they would of course not tell you if the seat already survived an accident since there might be internal damage that would not be able to protect your baby should you be involved in an accident yourself.

Unseen damages and scratches might affect the seat’s functionality and it is better that you do not risk it. Besides, you might be able to buy a car seat that is only a few hundred dollars cheaper than a new one so if the difference is not that big (and it is not from someone you know), better to purchase a new one.

Car Seats Also Have an Expiration Date

You might be surprised to know that car seats also have an expiration date. It is not perishable, but the materials used in making the car seats also have a date when it is not safe for these materials to still be used. For example, plastics.

Plastics are non-biodegradable but there are other external factors that could affect their functionality. If the car seat has been exposed to extreme weather conditions, the plastic might be brittle and could be easily damaged even by just a small and minor fender bender.

Car seats are constantly developing and if you don’t buy a brand-new seat, it might not be able to have the safety features that the new models now have. Save yourself the unwarranted stress and purchase a new one.

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