Tips for Running Your Company Efficiently Without Being Physically Present

These simple tips and suggestions will ensure your company runs like a well-oiled machine…even when you are not present.

Have a Strong Second in Command

If you, the head of the company are not present to physically man the ship, then it goes almost without saying that you need a strong second in command to run the ship in your absence. It may be a single person, someone with strong leadership qualities. But we strongly recommend instead to have a panel of heads, each with a designated section of the company to head. Don’t make the mistake of having the exclusive power to take the last decision, as this is where most companies usually see the most loss. Make sure that they have enough authority to take decisions on your behalf if there ever happens to be a moment in which you may not be contacted.

Be Very Clear About Your Vision for Your Company

Every company has a clear vision for what they want to be in the future. These are both long term and short term, often regarded as goals. Be very clear about what you want from your heads of departments to reach all those long-term and short-term goals. This does not mean you need to set those visions public only to that selected crowd. To ensure your company reaches its goals in the shortest possible period, let your visions for the company be known to all employees. You could even make it a part of their training program. Remember, the more you share, and the more your employees feel included, the more they will be willing to work hard to achieve your company goals.

Make Use of Modern Technology to Run Your Ship Smoothly

Make use of the time that you are living in, where technology is at its very peak. Make use of things task sharing platforms to keep an eye on the work you have delegated, even when you’re not physically present. Make use of video calls to reach out to clients and your employees alike; without actually having to be there. Remember, each person reacts differently to physical presence¾so you’ll be taking a risk if you approach a potential client this way. Other modern conveniences like accounts receivable automation software help to keep in touch with what is happening with your company’s accounts. You can even keep an eye on your office by connecting your CCTV camera to your phone!

Take Steps to Ensure Your Employees Won’t Cheat You Due To the Distance

The simplest measure for this is to make sure you know your company inside out. This includes the work that needs to be done, as well as the people who work for you. Pay attention to people when they speak, so you can detect any changed behaviour. If you suspect foul play, be subtle about how you take action, making sure you have strong evidence. Be a strong but fun leader to work for, and try to genuinely care for your employees, and they will stay loyal to you and your company.

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