Tractors Vs Horses

For the last half a century, the fundamental power source and the driving force behind the agricultural sector in an industrialized nation like Germany have been the use of tractors. The use of trucks and other machines, which have shown to be speedier and stronger, and more lasting than animals, has thus supplanted the work performed by animals. The agricultural productivity of both the meat and dairy industries is increased by the use of tractors, which also enables more work to be done with fewer people. About half a century after the first-time tractors were used in farming, the subject of what farmers have to sacrifice in exchange for the convenience and progress brought about by technology has arisen.

Research into this matter will reveal that horses are far more environmentally friendly when compared to modern-day machinery, Modern tractors and trucks cause all kinds of problems such as compressing the soil and ruining the environment, whereas horses can produce their energy simply by grazing on the grass. Taking care of horses is also arguably simpler than taking care of tractors, there is no need to refill it with fuel every day, they are far cheaper than tractors and only need essential replacements. One of the things that they need often is horseshoes. We recommend kerckhaert horseshoes.

The influence that the use of tractors has had, physically, on agricultural land is huge.  The rising usage of tractors on farms brings with it the urgent problem of soil compaction caused by the heavy agricultural machinery. This problem is made worse by the increased use of tractors. For instance, in Switzerland, the total area of land that is suitable for cultivating crops has been decreased by twenty-five percent. Because of the usage of heavy machinery, there are about 30 million hectares of land in Europe that have been permanently compacted.

The global production of petroleum will run out at some point in the future, and as a result, people have already started looking for new sources of energy. Comparing the amount of energy used by agricultural machinery, such as tractors, to the amount of energy used by animal labor might be profitable for the agricultural business. If horses turn out to be more useful in farming, then the increased use of horses will not represent a return to more traditional farming practices; rather, it will represent a development because modern farming practices can be maintained through the use of renewable resources that can be found in the surrounding area.  In Germany, agricultural activities are responsible for producing 13% of gas emissions due to the combustion of oil in trucks and other farm equipment. In the same vein, the agricultural sector is the only one that has the potential to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases it generates. Horses are able to use energy derived from raw renewables to a far larger level than tractors can. Tractors have a much lower energy efficiency rating when compared to horses in all aspects of the comparison.


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