What Are the Best Questions to Ask Your Building Inspector?

Buying a property is a big undertaking for anyone. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a family home or an investment property, it a big life step and, of course, involves a rather large payment. It is imperative that you have your potential home receive a thorough building inspection to ensure the home does not contain any risky imperfections. Having a qualified Adelaide building inspector survey the property could save thousands on repair bills down the track.

So what should you ask your building inspector during and after the inspection?

The Questions You Should Be Asking

1 Would you please explain this?

You should always ask your building inspections provider to elaborate on anything you don’t quite understand during and after the inspection. It is important that you clarify any grey areas of an inspection as you are spending the money on the inspection and the information concerns your potential new home.

2 Do These Defects Need Immediate Fixing?

Some defects are more urgent than others, and therefore require urgent repair. You should remember to ask your Adelaide building inspector whether or not a particular defect needs immediate repair or if it can be put off for some time. Some defects can be incredibly risky to put off, and the problem can easily become more costly the more you leave it, so remember to ask the question.


3 Who Do I Need for This Repair?

If the defect is repairable and you still want to proceed with buying the property, ask your building inspections provider who is suitable for the repair. Home defects can often be tricky to navigate in terms of repair, so ensure that your inspector can point you in the right direction for repairing the damage.


4. Is This a Costly Repair?

Building inspectors can give you an estimate of how much a particular defect will cost to repair. Whilst it is not part of their job description to provide you with a price on a repair, they can give you a reasonably accurate idea of how much the repair will cost. This is good because many tradespeople will try and squeeze extra money out of a repair, so consult your building inspector first.

5.Am I Able to Fix This Myself?

Often a defect is a minor one that doesn’t require tradespeople to complete. Your inspector will be able to consult with you over whether you can handle the repair yourself, saving you time and money on costly trade repairs.


6.Why You Want to Be Asking Questions?

It’s your potential purchase and, as aforementioned, it’s a big life step. Ensuring that you have a greater understanding of your property and any defects it might hold can you save you serious dollars down the track. Naturally, you don’t want to have to spend too much on repairs and you want to keep the overall cost of the property near it’s price tag, so ask questions and gain a solid understanding of the property pre-purchase – it will save you in the long run.

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