What Every Planner Should Bring To An Event

Do you have what it takes to become a successful event planner? like – having people skills, you’re a good problem-solver, an excellent communicator, and you’re often calm under pressure. If the answer is yes, you can work as an event planner. Start by planning a friend’s birthday party and bridal shower and ask for honest feedback.

And if everyone’s happy with the result, you may start planning for a bigger event like a wedding. However, you’re just human, and you will make a misstep at times, and it’s okay. Because in spite of months of meetings, some unforeseen things may arise that you didn’t prepare for. To somehow help you with your career as an event planner, here are some of the things you should bring to the event.

Office Supplies

The first things to pack for your “event planner checklist” are office supplies like paper, pen, scissors, labels, walkie talkies, and a first-aid kit to name a few. Most event planners gravitate towards office supplies as they come in handy all the time.


A successful event planner will need a device like a smartphone, laptop, and high-speed internet access. These tech must-haves are a strong core to do your job more effectively. You may include a power bank, too, just in case your smartphone runs out of battery juice. Always bring your smartphone with you as it’s your way to communicate with your clients and vendors.

Mini Tool Box

Can you fix it? Yes, you can. Minor issues can be resolved by using some of the tools in your toolbox. And you have to know how to be a handyman when you’re an event planner, as an unexpected thing can happen in the middle of the event. Include a screwdriver and hammer in your toolbox for a quick fix.


A folding cart or dolly can be of help to transport some heavy objects in the event, especially if you’re in a big venue. Choose the foldable type so you can store it anywhere, without taking a lot of space.

Portable Office

You will need an office where you can set up a meeting with your clients or vendors. If you can’t afford a permanent office space just yet, you can take into consideration a portable office. Don’t miss taking a look at portable site office hire Australia wide. They have portable offices for hire at a price you can afford.

Carry Extra Clothing

Always carry extra clothing for your events. Of course, you have to look presentable in front of your clients and their guests. Also, if ever the outfit you’re currently wearing isn’t allowed at the venue, you can change anytime.


A job of an event planner isn’t a walk in the park. You will be outdoors most of the time to check the location and meet and plan with people. That’s why it’s important to take a few short breaks in between. Sip a cup of your favorite coffee or eat your comfort food.

Acquire these items to help you get the job done right.

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