What is a Bell Boot and How Can it Help Your Horse?

Riding a horse is an activity that is both gratifying. Riding horses is something that almost anybody, irrespective of their age or experience, can understand how to do. Riding horses offers several unexpected advantages over other recreational activities. It is one of the few exercises that can effectively increase the muscles in your lower body, and it also has the potential to significantly improve your posture. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with your horse as time goes on. You start to have a high level of self-assurance in your horse, and your horse ends up coming to trust you more than any other rider. Whether you are just starting or have some experience under your belt, if you want to get the most out of your time spent horseback riding, you will need to invest in appropriate clothes and gear.

If you’re a newcomer to horseback riding, you probably may have a few queries regarding the various pieces of equipment. The subject “what is a bell boot?” will be addressed today as part of our discussion. You’ve probably seen at least one of them riding a horse. While other horse owners just use them for turnout, others ride their horses in them every time. Bell boots are designed to protect the region around the heel. They are attached to the horse’s front hooves in this manner. These boots are also available in a broad variety of designs, colours, and materials, including pull-on versions, velcro, glitter, one-of-a-kind prints, silicone, and nylon constructions.

The reason behind wearing bell boots- Bell boots are not necessary for all horses, but those who are susceptible to overreaching should wear them. When a horse’s hind hooves contact the rear of its front hooves, this is a condition known as overreaching. They frequently strike the vulnerable heel bulb as well as the coronary band. This can lead to discomfort, inflammation, and even bleeding in certain cases. Some injuries can result in lifelong harm.

To protect it from harm, bell boots should be put on them. They need to have a loose fit on the horse’s pastern. It should be possible to fit a finger in between the boot and the horse’s leg. In addition to this, while the horse is standing stationary, the rear of the boot will come quite close to touching the ground. Because the majority are available in a variety of sizes, it is imperative that you adhere to the sizing instructions provided by the manufacturer. There is a wide variety of styles available for these protective boots. Some choose the nylon velcro variety, while others opt for the rubber pull-on style. Some riders enjoy getting exotic prints, such as leopard or cactus patterns, while others prefer neon hues. There is a huge variety of choices!

Bell boots are essential for the protection necessary for several equestrian activities, including barrel racing, and jumping. Because of the high incidence of overreaching in these sports, injury prevention is of the utmost importance.


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