What to Know About Adding a Second Storey to Your House

If you are thinking of adding another storey to your house, there are a few things you need to consider. It will definitely add more value to your home and you will definitely be able to increase efficiency. But this can be a big project to undertake. So you need to have the right professionals guiding you.

There are a few challenges for second storey home extensions Melbourne. And there are many options you can consider when going about this. One of the expensive options you can consider is starting from the beginning. Sometimes your foundation will not be able to support a new storey and adding new structural members can take away from the existing aesthetics of the home.  it may also be more expensive than tearing the house down and building it up again. There are ways of saving costs when it comes to extensions and this has to do with keeping the same roof. You can build the walls for the second storey and use the same roof to be placed back on the newly built area at the end of the project. But this means, keeping the footprint more or less the same as the ground floor.

The reason that people are considering second storey extensions is that the newly built space docent eat into outdoor space. Sometimes your plot will be too small to expand horizontally. You can limit the amount of built footprint with a second storey and this will be able to accommodate a growing family with changing needs. It will take about 6 months for the renovation to be complete but this will depend heavily on the scope of the project. Even though this is a big investment, it can be cheaper than moving into a new house that accommodates your family. You can also consider raising your home and building under it but this has a higher risk of damage to the house. You need to have a specialist guiding the project throughout the entire time so that there are no costly accidents or delays.

But before you undertake any construction, you need to consider the building regulations in your area. Generally, for modification, you will need the approval of the local council. You can get the assistance of the renovation partner when it comes to documentation and approvals. But make sure you do your research as well so you know that all pertinent details have been covered in the beginning. You may need to organise temporary accommodation elsewhere for the duration of the project. So make sure you take the costs of this into account when calculating the full cost of the extension. And there may be certain unexpected costs you may not foresee in the beginning such as material shortages, accidents, damages etc. So make sure there is a buffer to your budget in case the cost goes over what has been estimated. You also need to consider the costs for upgrading the interior along with the exterior.


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