What You Need to Know About POS Systems

Point of sale system is one of the most crucial parts of any business or industry. It is where you and your customer finish a transaction and payment is made. The system is a combination of software and hardware that aims to make transactions easier and management more convenient. POS systems are not only used in retail industries but also on other businesses such as hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops and many more. Although their features may vary from each other, their main purpose is the same. Read along to learn its different types and maybe you can find the one that fits your business needs.

Types of POS Systems

  • Terminal POS – They function similarly with a grocery counter although they can be connected to the main database or even to a cloud for easier access. These types are usually sold as a set, with all the cash drawers, scanners, monitors plus the point of sale solutions Terminal POS systems are usually used in groceries, bookstores, gift shops, boutiques, or any other retail industry.
  • Mobile POS – This type is usually used by people who offer services or don’t manage a huge inventory. Mobile POS systems are portable and could have a portable printer for receipts. Most of these are app based so you can do business anytime and anywhere through your phone. They are usually used by service drivers, freelance workers, event sellers, professional services, and other similar businesses.
  • Tablet POS – This is the most popular choice for hospitality industries such as restaurants. You can use a tablet to take orders from customers easily and send it to the kitchen real-time. Aside from managing customers, you can also keep track of your inventory and also your employees’ performance. Tablet POS systems are commonly used in restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, ice cream shops, and other businesses that require quick customer service.
  • Online POS – Among the other POS types, this one has lower start-up cost. You can use your own PC or tablet since you only have to install the POS solution on it. You can easily access your information everywhere because it is saved online in a cloud. This is great for art galleries, mini cafes, pet shops and other industries that only handle a low volume of customers.
  • Self-Service POS – Also known as Kiosk POS, this type allows your customers to perform their own transactions. Businesses such as product price look-up, ticketing terminals, and parking spaces usually have self-service kiosks set up all over the area.

Through time, business owners are slowly upgrading their POS systems into more portable ones. Our technology today has developed these portable systems to be able to perform at par with its mounted counterparts. Tech-savvy businessmen, especially the younger ones, prefer tablet POS systems due to its convenience compared with PC types. Aside from that, they can also offer better customer service by speeding up order and payment processes. Your staff can also cater to all of your customer’s needs without appearing rushed.

Choosing the POS system that suits you is simple. Just map out your business’ needs plus your budget and discover the best solution for you.

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