Why A Modern Telephone Switchboard Is Important to Your Business?

Effective communication with customers, suppliers and co-workers is most essential for a business organization to thrive and be successful.  As such large companies, hospitals and hotels deploy a switchboard to handle the influx of telephone calls that normally come in.   A modern phone switchboard framework not just makes it simpler for your business association to deal with volumes of calls rapidly and proficiently but also it delivers quality service to meet up with your customers’ expectation.

Why Do Companies Use A Modern Telephone Switchboard System?

Companies use a modern telephone switchboard system to gain the following advantages;

To Ensure All the Calls Receive A Response

Customers get upset if their calls are not being answered by your organization.  A modern switchboard could solve your problem!  A modern switchboard ensures that every customer or client receives a response, either through a message recording arrangement or through adequately rerouting their request to somebody who is accessible.   

Increased Efficiency

In a large company where employees belong to multiple teams and sites, reaching the right person can be very difficult for the operator as well as time-consuming for the customers.  A modern switchboard will effectively solve these issues and make the procedure simple for your customer, by automating the routing of their call to the correct extension or department.

Improved Connectivity

Technological advancement has made it possible for people to chuck their 9 – 5 jobs and enjoy working wherever they want and whenever they want.  Modern switchboards make it possible for remote workers to stay connected to their employers.

Positive Impression

Using a modern switchboard can help a business to give a very positive impression about it to their customers and clients as they are made to feel that they are dealing with an established and professional organization.  Your modern switchboard combined with a pleasant and polite switchboard operator will definitely build a good reputation for your business.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Usually modern switchboards incur low and affordable maintenance and infrastructure costs.

Easy Installation

Modern switchboards are easier to install when compared to traditional bulky ones.  With the modern switchboards, it is not necessary to shut down your business to rewire, take down walls or break rooms.  And if Melbourne is your current business location, then Melbourne’s best industrial electricians can take you through a smooth installation of a modern switchboard.

The Role of A Telephone/Switchboard Operator

The operator provides information by accessing alphabetical and geographical directories, as requested by the internal and external stakeholders of the business.  She also assists clients with unique charging solicitations, for example, charges to an outsider as well as monitors automated systems.  She may handle emergency calls and assist those who are with physical disabilities to make telephone calls.

Here are some of the qualities desired in a switchboard operator;

  • Clear and pleasant telephone voice
  • Good hearing ability
  • Confident, polite and follows telephone etiquette
  • Ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure
  • Spoken and written English skills
  • Basic computer literacy and keyboard skills
  • Excellent customer care skills

Having an efficient and pleasant switchboard operator is an asset to the organization. 

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